A BLAZE broke out in a Southampton flat after candles set light to curtains.

Fire crews from across the city were called to the seventh floor flat in Canberra Towers, Kingsclere Avenue, Weston, at 9.30pm.

They rescued a kitten from the property which the resident had already escaped from.

The candle had been on a chest of drawers below the curtains in the lounge and had no base.

Now Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to keep candles away from curtains, furniture and not to leave them unattended.

Mick Thompson the officer in charge of the incident said: "Fortunately, when the resident discovered the fire they did exactly the right thing and shut the door to the lounge, containing the flames to that room.

"Candles, particularly scented ones, should always be placed in a suitable holder as they are designed to liquefy to release their fragrance.

"They should also be placed well away from anything like curtains, furniture or plants and they should never be left unattended."