HE was found at death's door.

Filthy, bedraggled and confused and barely able to stand on his back legs.

But now a terminally ill moggy has been given a second lease of life.

The elderly cat, named by vets as Eddie, has become a social media sensation after he was found wandering in Southampton.

Tomorrow he is expected to be taken home by a new owner.

A woman discovered the poorly pussy in her garden in Harefield and alerted Beech House Vets.

He was so dirty they were unable to determine his breed and was racked with severe health problems.

The Bitterne-based practice immediately put an appeal on their Facebook site in the race against time to find him a new owner.

Scores of people have shared his moving story on the social networking site, with a handful eager to offer him a loving home.

Practice staff have been overwhelmed at their kindness in what is one of the biggest internet responses they have ever received.

Eddie, thought to be a Siamese or Tonkinese pedigree or cross, suffers from incurable renal failure, hyperthyroidism and senility.

Practice deputy manager Ellie Grist suspects the life-limiting conditions mean he will only live a matter of months, but said: “It's incredible how so many people have taken him to heart and want to do the best for him.

“When we picked him up he was so weak and it was difficult to tell his breed because he was so grubby.”

But she urged owners to get their pets micro-chipped so they are easier to trace when lost.

She added: “It's so worthwhile to allow us to get in touch with previous owners to let them know their animals are safe and sound.”

Sue Reed, 54, from Sholing, is among those wanting to adopt him.

She said: “Seeing how many people want to help him has moved me to tears.

“It goes to show ther are amazing people out there who go above and beyond to help.”