USING the Pharrell William’s song Happy staff from the PE department to the front office at St Anne’s Catholic School sang and danced their goodbyes to the Year 11 leavers.

According to deputy head teacher James Rouse, who stars in the video, there were tears shed along with many laughs as each tutor recalled their favourite moments over the past five years with their tutor groups.

It was then they were surprised with the video of staff dancing and miming to the number one song which has sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide as part of their leavers assembly.

Head teacher Lyn Bourne said: “Just to make clear, we’re not happy they’re going.”

“Rather, we’re celebrating their upcoming success in this summer’s exams and looking forward to welcoming them back to our sixth form this September, along with other 16 year olds from across the city.

“We know they’re happy to have finished their exams and we share that feeling.

Daily Echo: Pharrell Williams

They have all worked really hard in the run up to, and during, the exam period and deserve a good break.”

The pupils were led in a prayer by the head before the musical theme continued as they were serenaded by one of the school choirs.

The video has become an online hit with more than 6,000 views registered after just two days of being posted.