One of the biggest television shows reaches a dramatic climax tonight – and Southampton is to take a starring role.

Jack Bauer will head to the city docks in the highly anticipated season finale of 24: Live Another Day, as the clock ticks towards the final seconds of his most heroic day.

As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, the former CIA agent and the team are called into action at DP Container World to avert an imminent international crisis.

Daily Echo:

Lives will be lost as the action hero battles to save the world one last time with gun fire and explosions lighting up Southampton water.

As previously reported, Southampton Docks got a touch of Hollywood glamour last month after show directors chose the city as one of the locations for series 9 of the hit show.

The shows stars including Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Bauer, Stephen Fry who takes on the role as the British Prime Minister in the series and 180 crew all descended on Southampton for the two overnight shoots.

Daily Echo: 24 at Southampton Docks

Residents in the area were sent letters by 20th Century Fox warning them not to be alarmed if they may hear gun fire or see pyrotechnics during the filming.

The result of that filming will feature in tonight's show, as the characters are tasked to head from London, where the majority of the series has been based, to Southampton Docks where a cargo shipment is leaving at 10.30pm.

Viewers can expect to see gun fire battles along the quay and on DP World's small feeder vessel, The India, as Bauer and his team fight against time to stop the terrorists.

While tests for explosions had been carried out by the crew ahead of the shoot, no actual explosions took place at the docks because they needed complete darkness and the sun set too late in the evening.

Daily Echo:

Many of the stars tweeted from the Southampton shoot, with Stephen Fry revealing he was on set and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O'Brien, saying there were just nine shooting days left.

Director Jo Cassar also tweeted a selfie in the early hours of the morning after a busy night filming, under the Southampton Container Terminal sign - which features in tonight's episode.

Speaking ahead of the shoot, DP World said: “We are extremely excited to have a major production like 24 filming at the terminal. It's a great opportunity to promote the port and city.

“This is the first time an American network has shot an entire TV series in the UK, so it's appropriate that it should be filmed at the UK's most productive container terminal.”

  • 24: Live Another Day is aired at 9pm tonight on Sky1.