THREE roads in Winchester will be subject to new parking restrictions after residents said they have been verbally attacked by parents on the school run.

City councillors unanimously agreed to new no-waiting regulations at Stanmore Lane, Queens Mead and Westminster Gate, after hearing about local residents’ issues with parents of the nearby Catholic school, St Peter’s.

Resident Brian Hague, of Westminster Gate, recalled an incident whereby his wife was being dropped home from Kings Worthy Day Centre only for the coach driver to be abused by a mother who was dropping off her child, claiming he had driven “too close” to her parked car.

He added: “I’m afraid there’s a hardcore of mothers who just don’t care.”

Fellow resident David Harte wrote in a letter: “Although only a few individuals have been responsible they have particularly upset some occupants.

"This behaviour includes using the verges, which are front gardens, as a toilet and trampling on flowers.”