SHE is the popular pensioner who has been the friendly face of a Hampshire charity for more than 20 years.

That is why Ellen Corbridge is our latest nominee for our Community Star campaign for her work with Oxfam.

The 89-year-old has been volunteering in Lymington for 24 years, after signing up just days after she moved to the town after being prompted by her late-husband Edward.

She said: “We had a walk around the town one day and we didn’t know anybody so I said ‘What should we do?’ My husband turned towards this shop and said ‘go in there and offer to help’ and it was the Oxfam shop.

“I’ve really enjoyed volunteering there and have done all sorts over the years. I remember when people would come in down on their luck without much money and we would give them clothes. I just wanted to help.”

Ellen, who lives in Pennington, said: “Now I only go in for a couple of hours on a Thursday but I still really enjoy it.”

And Oxfam have been so pleased with her service they presented her with a certificate, gold badge and a letter of thanks from the director of the charity.

Emma Jolly, a fellow volunteer at the shop, nominated Ellen for her dedication and enjoyment of the job.

She said: “ T h e manage r M a r t h a Medina always speaks warmly and af fectionately about Ellen, for she is not just loyal and enthusiastic, but always willing to try the new initiatives.”

The Community Star campaign, in association with affordable housing company Aster, will run until Friday, August 22, when Daily Echo editorin- chief Ian Murray, Aster’s regional director Jean Dalziel and their customer board member John Cockaday will choose the winners.

First place will receive £500 and £250 to a charity of their choice, second place will be given £250 and £100 to charity, then six highly commended nominations will be given £100 and £50 to charity.

A community star can be any member of the public who goes above and beyond to serve their community.