MOTORCYCLE stunt king Jamie Squibb performed a dramatic mid air somersault on his bike at the New Forest Show this afternoon.

Jamie's back flip was the highlight of his high octane performance, which will be repeated later today, tomorrow and Thursday.

The Devon daredevil is still recovering from a crash in which he lost a tooth and injured his wrist.

But 32-year-old Jamie was determined to give the near capacity crowd a day to remember.

He and one of his fellow riders began their routine by staging a series of gravity defying tricks in the middle or the arena.

The mid-air acrobatics were performed as their powerful bikes leapt the gulf between the two ramps positioned about 70ft apart.

Jamie's back flip had not been announced in advance and took the spectators by surprise.

Many gasped in astonishment as Jamie and his bike did a backward somersault about 30ft in the air before landing safely.

He was given a thunderous round of applause as he roared out of the arena to prepare for his next performance.