IT is a road that is literally driving locals round the bend.

More than 50 large crater-shaped potholes litter Coxford Road in Lordswood, Southampton, making it a miserable drive for motorists.

But despite a campaign by residents to get their street repaired, it looks set to stay that way – because council bosses say the holes are not deep enough!

The bumpy section of road – dubbed “the forgotten corner of Southampton” – is less than a quarter of a mile long. A petition for it to be fixed has already attracted dozens of names while local councillors have also been urged to help the cause before there is an accident.

But one resident, who asked not to be named, said he had been told the potholes cannot be fixed because they are 30mm deep – 10mm too shallow.

Another resident, Eliza-beth Baker, 70, retired, said: “They’re getting more and more dangerous. As people are familiar with them they are swerving up and down the road to avoid them and we have to be very careful getting into our cars and pulling away. It’s been like this for months.”

Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Judy Short says that cars and lorries that use the busy road are regularly having to swerve to avoid the potholes while cyclists risk injury on a daily basis.

She said: “I am aware of a number of near miss accidents. The road is frequently used by cyclists of all ages. It is close to a special cycling facility in the sports centre.

“The longer the potholes are left the more damage is being caused to vehicles.”

Mrs Short added: “The surface of this particular stretch of Coxford Road has been unsatisfactory for many years.

“Some long-standing residents say it was never designed for the volume of traffic it now carries.”

She also accused the council of “failing” in their responsibilities in relation to a statement on the council website which says the city’s road “need regular maintenance to keep them safe and useable”.

Lordswood councillors Don Thomas and Keith Morrell are backing the Coxford Road residents’ campaign.

‘A disgrace’ The councillors have labelled the surface of Coxford Road a disgrace but have been told there is no cash in the council pot for repairs. In a bid to get action they have arranged a site meeting with highway officers and contractors.

In a joint letter to residents Councillor Thomas and Morrell say: “We made the council aware of the problem long ago but despite that and innumerable complaints to the council by residents the council refuses to acknowledge the problem.

“We are told that the potholes are not individually deep enough to require fixing.”

The Local Government Association, which represents town halls, says that Whitehall should spend |£1 billion a year from the cash it collects in fuel duty to fix potholes and crumbling roads, They say a share of fuel duty could help with the |£12 billion repair bill for the nation’s roads.

When Southampton City Council was contacted by the Daily Echo a spokesperson said they were unable to comment.