A WOMAN who spat on a neighbour’s face while he tried to escape in a lift has been fined.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that Samantha O’Dell, 21, made her victim feel “violated” after the incident at Millbrook Towers in Southampton on June 24.

The neighbour told police that he had been with his family and child and was returning to his floor on the tower block at about 6.30pm.

The lift door opened to reveal O’Dell, who began shouting and screaming at him.

Prosecutor Claire Hartman said: “He pressed the lift doors hoping he could get away from her but she put her hand across them.

“Before he could react she spat a large amount of phlegm at his face.

“He was not physically hurt but felt violated and said he would have preferred to be punched instead.

“Spitting is particularly degrading to the person on the receiving end.”

In mitigation the court heard that O’Dell had no previous convictions, and that she and the victim were involved in an ongoing dispute.

Will Day, representing O’Dell, said: “There are reasons behind it but unfortunately she’s only 21 and has now lost her good character.

“It’s right to say that there have been some arguments going back and forth and on this occasion she reacted in a bad way.

“She’s a single mum and she has two children at home.”

O’Dell pleaded guilty to a single charge of assault and was fined £110, as well as being ordered to pay £50 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.