IT IS an iconic film that saw humanity come under vicious attacks by flocks of birds.

And now life is imitating art for one Southampton father who has been tormented by pigeons like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Rob Daniels has desperately tried to chase away the winged tormentors nesting above the balcony of his Thornhill tower block.

But the nuisance neighbours have aggressively launched themselves at him, mercilessly pecking at his head and body.

There are so many now that their incessant squawking regularly wakes him at night, while neighbours have to dodge the creatures’ foul smelling droppings which rain down onto the pavements below.

Southampton City Council has so far remained powerless to intervene because the birds are nesting on an above balcony belonging to private tenants.

Now Mr Daniels is threatening to withhold his rent unless the authority helps stem the infestation.

When the Echo visited the flat in Hightown Towers the birds and chicks were silent in their stronghold above his second-floor balcony.

But the alcove and railings were splattered with droppings and feathers which have littered the path at the blocks’ main entrance in Warburton Road below.

The 37-year-old, who is also battling depression, says problems began when he moved in nearly a year ago and things are so bad he has resorted to sleeping in the lounge to try and escape their noise.

He says the sleep deprivation is affecting his health and that his three children are reluctant to go out on to the balcony for fear of the birds.

Daily Echo:

The birds live above Rob's second floor balcony, pictured, which is littered with droppings

He stresses shelling out on protective netting would fail to provide shelter as they have already dodged the above flat’s netting.

He said: “I’m getting to the end of my tether.

“I’m woken up at least six times a night by their loud cooing.

“If you chase them with a broom they try and get you because they are protective.”

He estimates there are 11 adult birds breeding there and added: “If something isn’t done it’s going to be an epidemic.

“They carry diseases and their droppings could make someone ill.”

Neighbour Vicky Varndell, 26, who has to step over droppings at the building entrance, said: “It’s disgusting.

“Whenever I come out here I have to look up to see if they are there.

“What do we pay our service charge for?”

The Echo approached the private tenants but no one answered the door.

A council spokeswoman said the authority’s environmental health team is investigating and added: “There can be health risks associated with pigeon faeces and in these circumstances, we can intervene and ask residents to carry out the necessary preventative measures.”