HE was the playful puppy whose life was cut short by a dangerous dog during a trip to the park.

Micky, the seven-month-old Yorkshire terrier, was left wailing in agony when Ted, a four-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, grabbed him by the throat with his mouth after the pooch excitedly ran up to him.

Now Ted’s owner Alison Powell has been slapped with a list of animal control measures after city magistrates found her dog to be dangerous.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard owner Dawn Wooldridge took Micky for anwalk around Riverside Park in Woodmill Lane on November 2 last year when she encountered Ms Powell walking her two Staffordshire bull terriers.

The court heard how Micky, who was not on a lead, inquisitively ran over to the two dogs after briefly playing with a Labrador being walked by Kelly Hill and Jonathan Bingham.

Ms Wooldridge, giving evidence, said: “Micky was a very friendly little dog.

“He ran towards a woman with two dogs and I heard him scream – one of the dogs had hold of him.

“He got free from the dog and ran away. He ran past me to a couple with their Labrador.”

She said she took a weeping Micky back to her car and wrapped him in a blanket before driving him to the vet.

Veterinary surgeon Ruth Tullie, who treated Micky after the attack, told the court how his condition continued to deteriorate and he went into cardiac and respiratory arrest.

The decision was then taken to put Micky down.

The court heard how Ms Powell was visited by animal welfare officer Paula Davies at her home in Dimond Road, Bitterne Park, after Ms Wooldridge gave a heartfelt appeal for information on the attack in the Daily Echo.

But Ms Davies said that Ted was in the kitchen during the visit and appeared friendly and calm.

Ms Powell told magistrates that she was just inches away from the incident as it unfolded, adding Ted did not grab Micky using his mouth and said his injuries could have occurred as her dog collided into Ms Wooldridge’s.

She said: “I noticed the Labrador playing with an excitable Yorkie.

Suddenly it came running and approaching my female dog.

“My other dog was returning from retrieving his toy. He came running in and there was a collision between him and the Yorkshire terrier, resulting in him rolling over.

“My dog pinned him to the ground. I went over and said ‘leave it’. He did and the Yorkshire Terrier ran off.”

Paul Vickers, chairman of the bench, revealed that an assessment from Lee Osgood, a dog assessor, found Ted to have dominant intentions, is defensive with other dogs, and has anxiety in public.

He said: “To us that says there’s always a risk that if another skittish dog comes along looking to play, even on a lead, the same thing might happen.

“We feel that the dog in question, Ted, is dangerous and was not under control on that day.”

He ordered Ted to wear a collar and a tag, a lead, and a muzzle when in public places.

After the hearing, Ms Wooldridge told the Daily Echo the decision was “justice for Micky”.

Ms Powell declined to comment.