DAVID Beckham has done it, Justin Bieber has done it and even Jose Mourinho has done it.

And now I have done it.

Yes, I'm talking about the ice bucket challenge which has been doing the rounds in the celebrity world.

While Cristiano Ronaldo did the challenge wearing nothing but a pair of speedos, I decided I didn't want to scar the eyes of the ladies of the newsroom and went into the challenge in work attire.

Many questioned me for my madness as I nominated myself for it, but I've braved Arctic conditions in Finland, my mother has forced me to swim in the North Sea - surely a bucket of water on my head is a piece of cake compared to that.

A crowd quickly gathered as I sat in a plastic chair awaiting my freezing fate.

They wanted to see if I would scream, cry or run around with my arms flailing about like an agitated chimpanzee.

I took it in my stride and gave the thumbs up signal - it was all bravado because as soon as that water struck me I was crying inside, there wasn't a bit of skin that was left untouched by the icy blast.

It was only a matter of minutes before the effects left my body, but the memory of that torrid moment when the ice hit my skin will stay with me forever.

But it was, after all, for charity and that was the one warming saving grace.

  • Following Michael's challenge, the Daily Echo will make a donation to Macmillan.
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