THE older brother of terminally ill five-year-old Ashya King has tonight defended his family going on the run.

Naveed King has told how his family bought specialist food and syringes to care for the seriously ill child on their journey from Southampton General Hospital to Spain.

In the 2min 54 second clip on YouTube he calls 'Important Information for Ashya's Case' , the 20-year-old sits on the bed while he shows items the King family bought to care for the youngster to the camera.

The items include food Ashya has in his feeding line, a power cord the family car journey and a box of syringes.

Naveed, said: "Whilst Ashya was in hospital for the first week, my father travelled really early in the morning came back late at night, sometimes past midnight and whilst he was home he did hours of research. Sometimes he did not even sleep. He did constant research for information to try to help Ashya."

Naveed reveals the video his father Brett King posted last night was filmed minutes before the police arrived at their hotel.

He said: "We decided it may be best to post something to update everyone. A few minutes after filming, police arrived at our hotel and minutes after I had uploaded the video on YouTube.

"As you can see he was happy, he wasn't in any danger and he was not neglected at all."

Naveed ends the video saying he has set up a PayPal account for donations after the family have been overwhelmed with support from thousands of well-wishers.

As reported Ashya had undergone surgery for a brain tumour at Southampton General Hospital, and was taken by his parents Brett and Naghmeh on Wednesday afternoon.

They were found yesterday evening in Spain.