MORE than 12,000 people have signed a petition calling for Ashya King to be reunited with his family so they can look after the seriously ill boy.

An arrest warrant was issued on Thursday evening after little Ashya was wheeled out of Southampton General Hospital by his parents, Brett and Naghmeh.

A search was conducted across Europe and on Sunday Ashya's parents were arrested after they were found in Spain.

Now a friend of the family has started a petition calling on the Prime Minister to assert pressure on Hampshire Police and stop the extradition order so that the parents can return to their five-year old boy.

Teenager Ethan Dallas is a friend of Ashya's older brother Naveed said: “These parents want the best for their son, they want nothing more than to offer him the best possible chance of a normal life and had to take drastic measures as, it would appear, that the NHS would not allow them to seek the treatment of their choice for their young son.

“It is sad to see these ordinary loving parents being accused of neglect - for wanting what's best for their own child.”

Already more than 12,000 people have added their names to the petition.

Ethan is being helped by Grandad Sanjay Ganatra from Sholing to get the word out.

He said: “The petition has got nothing to do with the politics, it is not criticising the police or the hospital, it is simply asking for the family to be reunited. 

Daily Echo:

Sanjay Ganatra

“As a parent I know what heartache they will be going through. It I was separated from a of child of mine who needed desperate treatment in a foreign country I would be destitute. Ashya shouldn't be separated from his parents.

“The petition is asking for Mr Cameron to assert some pressure on the Spanish authorities and even our own police to stop the extradition order, to allow the parents to be with their child.

"We don't know the full facts as to what's happened. We're not going to get involved with that. 
“Please just let the parents take care of him.”

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