STEPHEN Fry says his Hampshire-born husband has 'saved his life' after the couple married last year.

The QI Star, who presented the BAFTAs last night, SUNDAY has spoken at length about his mental health problems and difficulties with depression.

Fry and Elliot Spencer, 27, who is originally from Locks Heath, were forced to cut their honeymoon short in 2015 due to homophobic abuse.

As part of their trip they visited central American country Honduras, where gay marriage is banned.

Mr Spencer was reported to have said: "We had a problem when we visited Honduras on holiday.

"It was homophobia. I don’t want to go into detail, but we had to leave."

But since then their fortunes have reversed and Fry said he was delighted with their first year of marriage.

He said: "I think just the happiness and security and calm of being with him. I am in a great place right now.

"Rates of suicide and self harm are terrifying through Britain. I hope and pray there will be less incidents.

"My physiologist Billy has been astonishing and the medication has also saved my life after finally getting it right.

"Now I seem much more at ease with what I am taking but I do have to take it every day."