A PUPIL was questioned by police after he accessed the UKIP website at school.

Joe Taylor, 15, attends Wildern School in Hedge End and on Monday went on the UK Independence Party's website after his class discussed issues around terrorism.

Two days later, Joe and his dad Mick were hauled into a meeting with a police officer who said she specialised in people who are being groomed online by extremists, according to Mick.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Mr Taylor, 52, a window cleaner from Hedge End, said: "I got a call from the school at work saying my son had been accessing a couple of websites that were politically incorrect.

"I asked if it was porn and they said no it is politically incorrect stuff and the deputy head and the police will be coming in to talk to your son.

"The police officer asked if my son if he is a political activist for UKIP and I said no, can you re-phrase the question, I am quite shocked at what you’re saying."

Mr Taylor said his son had accessed a video clip from the BBC before Christmas which showed a March in Luton involving the English Defence League and then months later accessed the UKIP site after discussions in class.

He said: "They asked my son what are your views and Joe said there are too many people coming in the country and UKIP could do a better job of running it."

Mr Taylor, a UKIP supporter, added: "My family shed a lot of blood for this country in the war and I don't like that it is being thrown away by bureaucrats that don't care."

Daily Echo: Mick Taylor

But Mr Taylor, who cares for his 89-year-old mother who recently had a stroke when he is not working, said neither he nor his son have ever been involved with the EDL or violence.

He said he would be very angry if his son was in anyway involved with the EDL as "we are not interested in any of that."

In a statement, head teacher Marie-Louise Litton, said: "Following an incident Wildern School contacted 101 for advice and were referred to the specialist team who made the decision to arrange a meeting with the student and their parent in school on 24th February. No further action was proposed."

Roy Swales, UKIP's Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, said: "I'm furious about it, I have written to the acting chief constable Graham McNulty to clarify the police's position. 

"Because if they have UKIP down as an organisation that they need to give people advice on that is very, very concerning.

"Unless they have got the Liberals, Labour, Conservatives, and the Green Party down as well, but I doubt it.

"For me the school failed on three occasions, the first was when this young man looked at the EDL website really what should have happened is they should have phoned his father and spoken to him and said we are a bit concerned.

"The second time was that when the school called 101 the call handler should have used some common sense.

"And the third time was when the police officer felt it necessary to drag UKIP into this, we are the fourth largest party in the country, we are a legitimate party, one with millions of votes."