A COMMEMORATIVE interactive map of the Battle of Agincourt that will give users a chance to bring history to life in the palm of their hand and engage with history in a completely new way is set to be launched later this month.

The Road To Agincourt programme will be showcasing the brand new, interactive map of Harry’s Hampshire, designed by Eastleigh Tec Hub members, at Hamble Festival of Food next month.

The beautiful design is wearable as a scarf thanks to its silk material, and thanks to the latest technology it will allow users to bring history to life with just a click of a button on a smartphone.

Designers Marcus Pullen of Blue Donut Studios and David Overton of SplashMaps are the team behind the stunning Harry’s Hampshire, a new interactive, wearable map that allows technology to bring history to life.

Based at Eastleigh’s digital creation space Tec Hub, the two companies were brought together by the Road To Agincourt project, run by Eastleigh Borough Council’s Culture Unit, to create a unique product for the Battle of Agincourt commemorations that would explore the role Hampshire played in King Henry V’s journey to war.

Using the latest technology, a click of a button from a smartphone brings areas of the map to life before the user’s eyes.

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Historical points transform into animations complete with tales from the past and key information of the role the region played in the lead up to the battle.

The innovative digital map will receive its official launch at Hamble Festival of Food in Hamble Quay on Saturday, April 23.

David Overton, managing director of SplashMaps, said: “Originally we had the idea to create a map on fabric as this makes a great, desirable and long lasting memento for most events.

“The addition of technology to key the digital content to the map came out of our original proposal, but we later changed approach as Blue Donut Studios came on board offering professionalism around digital story-telling.”

Harry’s Hampshire, the map itself, is based on the John Speed map of Hampshire, and is printed on an all-weather; durable fabric developed by SplashMaps.

"The design of the map is the work of Blue Donut Studios, who used augmented reality technology which allows the user to interact with the map via a barcode tracker on their smartphones.

Founder of BlueDonut Studios Marcus Pullen is proud to see the map in its finished stage: “It looks great and it’s useful due to its wearability – what more could you ask for?

"I like that it gives some historical context to our home county and it’s a fun way to explore how Hampshire plays a part in the history of the lead up to the Battle of Agincourt.”