THE most innovative technology ever devised to help people meet their perfect partner.

That's the claim from a Hampshire firm, who have set up a new, free website which looks set to change the world of online dating forever., which has offices in Whiteley and was developed by a Fareham-based company, matches members with potential new partners in real-time, constantly updating and refining results based on users’ habits making finding the right person easier than ever before.

The dating and social site has been in development for four years and the innovative software behind it contains more than a million lines of code.

Unlike other dating sites which can cost users hundreds of pounds a year, is promises to be free for users – with no hidden charges, premium upgrades or fees of any kind.

The team say the website includes a range of never seen before features dreamt up by the young development team behind the site.

Martin Montague, CEO of Symbios Solutions Limited, the company behind the site, said: “ really puts users in charge and the system learns from what they do and constantly rebuilds their match list in real-time which gives very high quality results – and will hopefully help people to meet their perfect partner.

“We’ve really sought to innovate and create an experience for users which is fun – and we’ve sprinkled some great new ideas into the whole thing, like Quick Dates. People live very busy lives and Quick Dates lets them speed up the dating process."

'Quick Date' allows users to invite people from their match list to go on a date organised just 24 hours in advance, for people who like a bit of spontaneity in their lives.

Mr Montague added: “They say money can’t buy you love and with there’s no need to even try.

“We’ve made the site itself completely free which is very different from other dating platforms which often have monthly charges and long contracts. We really wanted to make the best free dating site on the planet – and making it free is a huge part of that.

“Everyone needs some love in their lives and we at are using the latest technology to match people up and help more and more people to meet the love of their lives.”

The site is initially being launched in the South, with further roll-outs within the UK and overseas scheduled as the user base grows.