A HAMPSHIRE mum is worried the police are not taking seriously an incident between her daughter and a stranger in McDonald’s.

Deanne Tollervey was in the Winchester restaurant with Mia, aged seven, when a man offered money to the girl to go with him.

Deanne said: “We were on the way to school and running late and Mia said she was hungry so we stopped at McDonald’s.

“Mia went to get a straw and that is when he approached her. I heard him offer her pocket money to go with him. When I said ‘what are you doing?’ he literally bolted out of the shop past Robert Dyas.

“He didn’t physically touch her and when I told the police they said that because he did not touch her no crime had been committed, but that they would log the incident.”

Deanne said she thinks the police should take it more seriously and she has asked McDonald’s to go through their CCTV.

“I want people to be aware. The next child might not be so lucky. It is a bit scary.

“I have put it on Facebook, because as a parent I would like to be aware of this.

"I’m not saying this guy is on the sex offenders’ register but if he is then he is committing a crime in talking to a child.

“It could just be that he has learning difficulties but he does need to be spoken to.”

Deanne, 36, a mother of three, of Somerville Road, Kings Worthy, said the man was very tanned, possibly foreign, with black hair, a black jumper and trousers.

Hampshire police were asked to comment but did not respond.