A HAMPSHIRE mum was struck down with painful headaches for an entire month after using a paint “that smelt like cat wee”.

Zoe Bentley suffered from headaches every day for four weeks after she painted her son’s bedroom with Valspar paint.

The product is a range of B&Q paints which has caused headaches to scores of customers across the country, forcing the company to apologise and take “corrective action”.

Now Zoe, 35, a full-time mum from Sarisbury Green, has received compensation of £1,300, after she had to pay to investigate the cause of the smell, redecorate the room and take her cats to the vet as she initially thought they were the cause of the smell in her house.

She said she also had to pay for builders to lay the floor again after it was ripped out to make sure there were no structural problems that were causing the smell.

She said: “After investigations, builders told us there wasn’t anything structurally wrong with the room.

“We had to redecorate the room back.

“I had the smell at the back of my throat every time I went in the bedroom.

“This is the first house we have bought and my son was very excited to decorate his room – five months later he couldn’t stay there.”

Now Zoe, who bought the paint from the Fareham branch, has finally had her money back.

She added: “I am happy with it but I think they only gave me my money back when I said I was thinking about taking legal action.

“I am still not happy with the fact that they said the paint would have never caused headaches.

“I don’t believe that at all.”

A spokesperson for B&Q and Valspar said: “We apologise to those customers affected and are committed to resolving this as quickly as possible for them.

“We can reassure the public that Valspar has taken corrective action and no paint on sale now is affected.

“Although the odour being reported is unpleasant, it is not harmful to health.

“As soon as customers contact our call centre, we are providing advice on how to neutralise the odour and we are requesting additional details so that an offer of compensation can be made by Valspar within 48 hours, including cover for appropriate costs.

“Anyone affected should contact B&Q Customer Services on 0333 014 3098.

“Valspar has been touch with Ms Bentley and a resolution has been agreed,” added the spokesperson.