A HAMPSHIRE music festival has been branded “a shambles” after festivalgoers were left waiting for up to nine-hours to get inside.

Boomtown Fair saw thousands attempting to gain access to the Winchester festival with many complaining that there was “not enough staff” and one stating they had seen “children collapse and faint”.

Organisers said that due to recent weather conditions there was a delay in opening the gates yesterday morning and the large scale security operation it is running had affected the time getting people through the gates.

Lulu Winfield wrote on Facebook said: “My daughter and friends got in at 10pm after nine-plus-hours of queuing while watching other kids collapse and faint.

“When they got in there was no lighting or signage to camping area and no stewards, she said it was mobbed and muddy.

“Am waiting to hear news that they have their tents up. What a shambles.”

Jennifer Green posted: “Terrible first festival experience for my 20-year-old daughter and her friends.

“Almost eight-hours in a queue resulting in parental collection of exhausted, frightened, hungry and thirsty kids…zero contingency and communication in the queue.

“Let’s hope [they’re] ready for the refund requests.”

This year the main acts headlining Boomtown include The Specials, M.I.A and Cypress Hill.

Boomtown posted last night: “Security, Event Management, Medical and welfare teams are in position at all the gates and we are actively looking at ways to speed up the queues to get people into the festival.

“The gates are moving and people have been entering the festival site slowly since they opened just after 1pm.

“We have been and will continue to send additional provisions and distributing water to all those who remain in the queue. If you require assistance, please text BOOM (followed by a space) to 88600, with the gate letter / number and your location.”

It added: “We apologise to all those who are still queuing and are working hard to get you in as quickly and safely as possible. There was a delay opening our gates due to the recent wet weather conditions and this, along with the large scale search operation we are running this year, have affected the time getting people through the gates.”