A MAN threatened to stab a supermarket security guard when he was caught stealing two Milky Way chocolate bars.

David Patience pleaded guilty to telling the Tesco staff member he would jab him with a syringe if he didn’t get away from him after he was discovered stealing from the shop.

Patience made off with a pecan plait pastry worth £1.86 because he was “hungry”, a court heard.

The court heard that on September 6, Patience was chased away by a security guard who saw him stealing items from the shop.

Prosecuting, Sital Mond told the court that when the guard caught up with Patience in Golden Grove, the 41-year-old turned around and said: “I will stab you”.

Ms Mond said: “The defendant then walked off and threw the goods away.”

The court heard that Patience has a history of previous convictions for domestic violence and bullying.

A probation report read out at court said Patience stole the items because he was hungry.

It read: “At first he thought he had no money on him but later realised he had some money on him.”

The report said that the qualified plasterer was under the influence of heroin at the time and his lifestyle was “chaotic”, adding Patience had “limited victim empathy.”

District Recorder Peter Greenfield labelled the incident a “nasty offence”.

Patience, of Golden Grove, was sentenced to 18-weeks imprisonment, suspended for 18-months.

He has been banned from going to any Tesco supermarket for 18 months and was ordered to pay £85 victim surcharge and £85 costs.