THE new owner of a Southampton restaurant and bar has outlined his plans for the business and to continue the revamp work taking place in the city’s Bedford Place.

Former Hampshire resident Nick Marshall expanded his portfolio after purchasing the adjoined Shrimp and Burger and Rumba.

Mr Marshall bought the venue from Delicious Dining, which opened the premises in November 2014.

Shrimp and Burger boast a menu which includes a number of award-winning burgers and is sat next to the handmade cocktail bar Rumba.

The businessman, who also owns The Vestry in Chichester, said it was an easy decision to take over the cocktail bar specialists as he used to visit the bar a lot in his younger days.

He said: “It seemed like not a lot was happening with the venue when I saw it and I just thought it was a project we can push forward. There’s a fantastic team here which I’ve inherited but it just felt like the place needed a fresh set of eyes on it to take it to the next level.

“It took just over six weeks from deciding I wanted to have another business to purchasing it.”

Mr Marshall said he was now looking to renovate the building’s first floor space to include new television screens, DJ decks, light machine, pool table and seating space. He hopes to tap into the large student market by starting up a number of new nights in the venue, engaging with the younger market.

He said: “We managed to turn that bar into one of the busiest in Chichester. It’s about enlivening the place and we will bring a new energy to the restaurant and bar.“Given the surrounding area and the amount of work other businesses are putting into bars in Bedford Place, there is a buzz around this part of Southampton. “We want to continue that. We want to make sure we play to the strengths of our staff and add to them.”

Work is ongoing within the venue but information on upcoming events can be found on Rumba or Shrimp and Burger’s Facebook pages.