I agree with the comment in the letter by Philip Griffiths (September 29, Marching for the NHS).

The public is sleepwalking to disaster and it is vital that they wake up and take action against the secret privatisation of the NHS.

Already many of the health services provided in Southampton have been privatised and many under the logo of the NHS.

It is very hard to find out how many as requests for information are ignored.

Private health service are mostly funded by companies and have shareholders.

Most of the profits go to these shareholders and is not reinvested in the NHS. The NHS purchases their services with money that mostly comes from taxpayers –our money.

In 2005 Jeremy Hunt published his plans for privatising the NHS in “Direct Democracy” (read it online) with the aim of having an American system of health care based on health insurance. He has not deviated from this plan.

Unless we act now to protest against this, it will again be the poorest in our society who will be the losers.

Sally McLellan