A MAJOR road in Hampshire has ranked in the top 10 most dangerous roads in the country.

The A32 in Fareham is labelled a ‘high risk road’ in new figures revealed by the Road Crash Index, which also show that serious and fatal crashes in Hampshire have risen by three percent since 2010.

The road has once again been identified as dangerous, with an increase in fatal crashes since the last set of data from 2010-12.

There were 37 serious crashes between 2013-15 on the A32, with one fatality.

The 11.1km road from M27 J10 to Delme Roundabout and Quay Street roundabout to the Gosport ferry terminal saw 28 serious or fatal crashes from 2010-12.

As a county, Hampshire overall ranked 51 of 78 in safety rankings, although the M3 has seen the number of deaths halved since the last set of data was taken.

Serious and fatal crashes across the county increased by three percent between 2010-12 and 2013-15, with road safety performance falling behind Britain as a whole.

Unless improved, Hampshire will also fail to meet international targets to halve road deaths within a decade.

The total number of crashes in Hampshire between 2013-15 was 12,395, which has decreased from 13,357 in 2010-12.

But fatal crashes have increased from 117 to 120.

The cost of these crashes between 2013-2015 is £327m, which works out as £181 on average per resident.

This has risen from 2010-12 where the cost was £276m.