THEY knocked everyone for six and had the crowds cheering at every over.

England may have dominated the first one-day international against India, but in the seats of Hampshire's Rose Bowl, another team was winning over cricket fans.

Armed with scorecards and skimpy black bikinis, a group of six brave beauties caused quite a stir as they stripped off in the stands to promote a text message betting service.

Encouraging fans to place their bets on the result of each over, the "6UP girls" had a mixed reception from fans throughout the afternoon's game - keeping up spirits when the action on the pitch started to slow down, but receiving boos from those firmly dedicated to the sport.

But as India went to bat after the second interval, Rose Bowl stewards chased the girls out of the home of Hampshire Cricket in a scene that would have made Southampton comedy legend Benny Hill proud.

"It was an ambush marketing event and as everyone can see it worked pretty well for them," said Hampshire Cricket chairman Rod Bransgrove.

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