MORE than quarter of a century after being convicted, Mr Hodgson's lawyer requested a review of the case.

Hampshire Police and the Forensic Science Service completed a forensic case review in November 2008, including the DNA samples.

It is understood a DNA test found that the genetic material found at the scene did not match a test carried out on Mr Hodgson. The court will hear the case on March 18.

A CCRC spokesman said: ''In light of new evidence available, the Commission has decided to refer Mr Hodgson's conviction to the Court of Appeal because it believes there is a real possibility that the court will consider the conviction unsafe and quash it.''

He added: ''The Commission also decided to contact the Director of Public Prosecutions to discuss the desirability of a project to identify and review similar murder cases arising from the time before DNA testing and where testable forensic evidence still survives which could confirm or cast doubt on the safety of a conviction, and where the defendant is still alive.

''A guilty plea or the existence of admissions should not exclude cases from such a review.''

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