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    The Salv wrote:
    freemantlegirl2 wrote:
    Taskforce 141 wrote:
    thesouth wrote: Its not about police thinking they are special, its about police wanting to be recognised for what they do do, and not putting the public at risk. A lot of people dont know what daily life is like in the police. Its not just walking/driving around taking the odd report and having a presence.......try imagining what it is like to go to a child death in the morning, interview a rape victim in the afternoon (asking questions of that person most people couldnt even begin to imagin asking) and then going home 8 hours late because you cant just walk out at 'home time'....the next day you spend 8 hours viewing indecent images and videos of children. The next day you are supose to sit calmy across the room from the person who had those images and talk to them. You end up finishing at 0200 hrs and are expected back in for 0800 hours (so lets say about 3 hours sleep at a max) to carry the interview / investigation on. By the way there is no 'coffee break, lunch hour sat on a bench, its eat as you go if your lucky. Before you say this is me giving an OTT view...its not, its very real. So when we go through this day in day out, yes, we get angry that our some what average pay is being cut, our pensions are the highest at 10.5% and our working conditions are to be cut as this means too much workload and too little time which results in stress / sickness and mistakes....this will effect the level of service
    Well said. You have my support, unfortunately you wont have the governments until crime spirals out of control or a really horrific incident occurs. May needs to be ousted as soon as possible, but that wont happen while Cameroon is in power. She is supposed to be 'tough on crime' yet she cuts the police force, meaning less officers and less special units meaning criminals get away with more - how is that tough? Total DISGRACE.
    couldn't agree more. Theresa May is arrogant and misguided - they say they want to be tough on crime - yet they want to see the breakdown of a world renowned police force. Disgraceful doesn't even begin to describe these actions. She got what she deserved yesterday, and there has already been headlines about our border controls, we are now going to see them with the Police. We have never seen scenes like this, ever. It is really worrying and of great concern to every single one of us.
    Destroy the Police Force LOL I did have a rather big chickle etc etc etc usual rubbish that you would write as a response.
    Where is the money going to come from, Labour spent spent spent and delivered promises they couldnt keep. Now the Tories have to pick up the mess and be the bad guys having to take the sweets away from the toothless children.
    Enough with this rubbish about how the Police have a tough job, this is nothing but Elitism. As proven countless times on here before there are many people that work everyday in tough conditions, risking their lives and health so that people like you have a home to live in a car to drive and food on your table. Yes the Police do a good job, but so do countless others.
    Just because something is your opinion doesn't make it a fact or proven for that matter. Everyone has an opinion, and is entitled to it. As I havesaid to you before lets hope you have to call the Police ad when G4s turn up instead to fill in a form whilst you get burgled or assaulted, then maybe you'll actually understand what people are worried about"
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Home Secretary Theresa May 'has no intention of listening to police'

Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May

First published in News Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author by , Deputy News Editor

SHE has no intention of listening.

That was the damning accusation levelled at Home Secretary Theresa May by furious Hampshire police officers who say the police service is being torn apart by drastic 20 per cent cuts.

More than 1,200 officers from England and Wales packed in to the police federation conference in Bournemouth yesterday to hear what the minister had to say about multi-million pound cutbacks which officers say are putting lives at risk.

But Mrs May found herself being heckled throughout her speech in which she told the audience that they needed to “stop pretending” they were being picked on. She said the severe cuts must be seen through “for the good of the country”.

Mrs May addressed the conference six days after more than 30,000 officers and support staff - including 450 from the county - marched through the capital in protest at the cuts - which in Hampshire amount to £54m over four years.

But Mrs May showed no emotion as she walked on stage to be greeted by officers standing and holding banners saying ''Cutting police by 20% is criminal'' and saying ''Enough is enough.''

She said the option of the right to strike was ''off the table'', adding: ''Keeping our communities safe is simply too important.''

The controversial Winsor Review - ordered by Mrs May, which recommends wideranging changes to police pay and conditions - was also greeted with anger but later cheers and applause as one police federation member told her he thought she was “a disgrace”.

And she was heckled as she told rank and file officers that the changes to their wage packets were reforms that hard-working officers should welcome.

Speaking after Mrs may's speech, chairman of Hampshire Police Federation John Apter, said: “I am frustrated that the Home Secretary has no intention of listening to the rank and file. She has made her position abundantly clear.

“We all accept that the police service must take its fair share of the pain, but we are two years into the budget cuts and the next two years are going to be even more difficult. We were looking for a lifeline today but we have not got one.”

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