RESIDENTS in Southampton fear they could be left without parking spaces because of a £500m landmark flats development being built near their homes.

While occupiers of the new properties at Centenary Quay in Woolston will be getting parking bays, the current residents in Victoria Road believe they will be left fighting for spaces when it is complete.

The Victoria Road residents have permits to park near their homes – but double yellow lines have appeared since the development work began.

And while developers Crest Nicholson have set up a temporary car park to help them, it’s unclear what will happen when the new blocks for 1,600 extra residents are finished.

The temporary car park is also too far for one disabled resident to walk to.

Roger Holmes, 61, has been housebound for months because he can’t get access to his car.

He suffers from heart and mobility problems and can’t walk to the car park.

Double yellow lines on the road prohibit him leaving his vehicle on the road yet his drive is too small for him to get into his car if it is parked there.

“I’m stuck here,” he said. “The council has told me this is an ongoing issue that won’t be dealt with anytime soon. We have been told to park in a parking bay, which I can’t get to.”

Bays and a car park were allocated to the new-build houses in the Centenary development but there does not seem to be anywhere for the retired airport cleaner and his neighbours to now park.

Richard Sparkes recently bought the property next door and says he will have difficulty letting the house if there is no parking.

“It’s going to be a contentious issue for a long time,” the shipping agency manager said. “I want to let to young professionals and the chances of them all having cars is very high.”

A spokesman for Crest Nicholson said the temporary car park will remain available for another month until it is to be used by the residents of a block of affordable housing in the Centenary development.

There was no indication of where current residents could park in Victoria Road after that time.

Debbie Aplin, managing director of Crest Nicholson Regeneration, said: “Following a proposal by Crest Nicholson to resolve a shortfall in parking spaces while works were undertaken, residents were made aware that a temporary car park was available for use on Victoria Road.

“Now that the work is complete the temporary car park will remain available to residents for another month while the new car parking zone is taken over by Southampton City Council.

“All residents will be made aware when the temporary facility is to be withdrawn. All designs and proposals for works on Victoria Road have been approved by Highways at Southampton City Council.”