DINERS at an Indian restaurant in Southampton were driven out by the continuous racket of loud r&b music coming from the flat above.

The noise got so bad that customers said they wouldn’t return and it started to affect business at the Eastern Nights in Southampton.

Bosses at the restaurant in Thornhill Park Road finally called council noise officers and music fan Amber Fisher ended up in court.

Restaurant boss Shamim Mohammed said they had been plagued by the loud music for months.

He said: “We had a lot of complaints from the customers.

“The music was so loud they said they would not be coming back.

“I have got a soundproof ceiling, it was very loud. She was really bad, she just would not listen to anybody.

“It wasn’t the right atmosphere. Nobody wants to eat their meal with really loud music.”

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that noise officers attended Fisher’s home twice this year and heard the music.

Fisher, who was not present in court, or represented by a solicitor, was charged with making amplified noise.

Magistrates ordered that her speakers, amplifier tuner CD player and tape deck were taken from her.

She was also handed a £100 fine for each offence and ordered to pay £100 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The court heard she had previously been handed a £525 fine for seven offences in 2010 relating to noise nuisance.

Mr Mohammed, who has been running the restaurant for nearly three years, said Fisher had moved out of the property two months ago.

“Since she’s moved it’s much more peaceful,” he said. “Business has improved, people are coming back to eat their meals here.”