HE killed their children, but yesterday grieving mum Kerrie Hughes was among the mourners at the funeral of her former partner David Cass.

Flanked by supporters Kerrie cried uncontrollably as the hearse carrying Cass’s body drew up at Christ Church in Freemantle, Southampton.

Earlier she had handed over a simple bouquet of flowers to be placed at his graveside.

The 20-year-old had vowed to be at the service, having reportedly said she would regret it if she did not, but adding that she would never forgive Cass for what he had done.

The bodies of Ellie, three, and Isobelle, 14 months, were found in a caravan on September 21 in the grounds of a garage where Cass worked and had been living following his split from Kerrie.

Before hanging himself Cass, 33, had phoned Kerrie to tell her the children were asleep forever and that he was going to kill himself.

A post-mortem revealed the children had been smothered to death.

Floral tributes, some in the shape of spanners, the letter ‘D’ and a teddy bear adorned the coffin that was taken into the church by family members.

Following the 20-minute service at the church – just yards from the scene of the tragedy in Paynes Road – mourners went on to Hollybrook Cemetery for the burial.

At the end of the committal red roses were thrown into the grave.

Kerrie is now preparing for the funeral of her children, due to take place tomorrow.

Kerrie, who has been living with her mum and grandmother at the family home in Fair Oak, has told of how she will bury her daughters in their pyjamas.

Their coffins will be in their favourite colours, red with yellow lining for Ellie and pink with purple lining for Isobelle.

Flowers will spell out Princess and Angel on the coffins that will be borne on a horse-drawn carriage.

Speaking of her grief at the loss of her children Kerrie described how she woke up the Monday after their deaths worried that they would be late for school, only for the realisation to hit that they were gone.

Their funeral will take place tomorrow at Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Eastleigh.

Kerrie has asked mourners to wear brightly-coloured clothes to celebrate their short lives.