SAINTS boss Nigel Adkins has told his players to make sure they support match officials and accept their decisions.

Some less than stellar performances from referees and their assistants in recent weeks have deflected some focus away from Saints’ results and performances.

But Adkins insists that officials have an extremely tough job on their hands.

As a result, he always asks his players to support and back them up, as well as accepting their decisions – both right and wrong.

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Previously, Adkins has even made some of his squad members take charge of training matches so they can get some insight into the role of a referee.

“At a previous football club I used to make the lads referee the small-sided games that we have, to make them understand how difficult it is to be a referee,” he said.

“They’re out there with a hard job to do and we have got to support them.

“We must accept the decisions they go and give and we’ve got to back them all up.

“Whether you like the decisions or not you’ve got to accept them.

“You’ve got to react to them, of course, but in a positive way and try to keep your calm about it.”