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  • Kieran Allen and Russell Huwes accused of possessing firework at sports ground
  • Relates to the Saints v Chelsea match on New Years Day this year
  • The pair deny the charges


Here is a video of the incident: 


Daily Echo:

Kieran Allen, pictured on the left of the image, next to a steward who is dressed in orange. Allen has dark floppy hair and is almost completely face on to the camera.


Daily Echo:

Russell Huwes, pictured with a cornrow hairstyle and hands in the air.


The two men have each been fined £250 and ordered to pay £25 victim surcharge and £325 costs.


The hearing is adjourned shortly while magistrates decide sentence.



The magistrates have found both men guilty.

Magistrate said: "body language doesn't show it was going to be handed to the steward.

"We believe both defendants were celebrating with the flare."


The defendents have both been called back to court.


Defence counsel says Hewes saw it was dangerous and thought it was appropriate.

"They picked it up and that isn't possession and I think you should acquit them."


The trial has been adjourned shortly while magistrates re-examine CCTV.


The defence counsel says Allen "thought he was doing the right thing" and that his judgement wasn't at its highest because he had a few drinks at lunchtime.


Defence counsel says the CCTV makes it difficult to see precisely what is happening.

But one can clearly see a few rows behind there are some people with firecrackers.


Hewes leaves the witness box. Defence counsel begins the closing speech.

She says its clear they didn't take it into the stadium. They had it thrown at them.
They were "in the wrong place at the wrong time."


When asked why he just didn't leave it.

Hewes said "that would be passing the buck and I'm not one to pass the buck."


Hewes says again that he took the flare to give to the steward.

Prosecutor asks him was it because you saw your friend celebrating and you wanted to celebrate with it.

Hewes said. "No. That's your perception."


Hewes claims the way the flare looks like it was dipping below people's waists in the second of two CCTV images due to the angle of the CCTV cameras.


Prosecutor is cross examining Hewes. Hewes says he doesn't believe that the flare was going "up and down" as if celebrating.


Hewes says he took it with his left hand to pass to his right hand to pass on to the steward.

When he tried to pass it to the steward, the steward grabbed his hand and Hewes dropped it.


Hewes has pointed himself out on the CCTV.


Hewes said he grabbed it from Kieron and was going to pass to steward when steward grabbed his hand very tight and he dropped it.

Hewes said he tried to explain to the steward and urged them to watch it on video but then the atmosphere started getting aggressive.

Hewes said he was trying to calm the situation down.


Hewes said he was going to pick it up. As a trained electrician he saw there was a child nearby.

He didn't stamp it out because he thought it would be "dangerous".


Hewes said he saw something fly past his shoulder and hit the seat.

He saw something hit the seat in front of him and took a few seconds before it erupted into a plume of smoke.


Hewes says he and fans were searched at stadium and nothing was found on him.


Hewes said he didn't eat anything before starting to drink at Yates.

He said he has three-four pints. Says he doesn't drink that much normally apart from weekends. But he says he ate at the pub.


Hewes said he has been a fan for 17 years and goes quite often to their matches.


Hewes takes his place in the witness box.

He confirms his name and states he is an electrician by trade.


Allen says he passed the flare to Hewes because he saw the steward coming and so Hewes could pass it to steward.


Prosecutor says that for the time for the steward to get to him would take more than four secs. It was more like 15. Allen denied it.


Prosecutor suggests he picked the flare up from his feet and was celebrating with it and had "no intention" of getting rid of it.

Allen said: "No, I disagree."


Asked why he had his back to the pitch and if he was celebrating with those with the firecrackers he said. "No I was trying to see where it came from."


Asked why if he picked it up if it was dangerous Allen said smoke was only coming from one end.

Allen said he picked it up because it was an "instinctive decision".

Asked why he didn't stamp it out, Allen said "I didn't know what the effect was."


Allen says he can drink a "fair bit more" than Hewes.


Now the prosecutor, Owen Holloway, is cross examining Mr Allen.


Mr Allen also points to himself approaching the steward.


He points to himself handing flare to Mr Hewes.


The court is being shown CCTV again and Mr Allen is trying to point himself out in the crowd.


Allen said he saw close to him some flashing lights which he thought were fire crackers.

Since his arrest Allen said he has had his season ticket suspended. He said he is "very upset" because he is a "passionate" fan.


He said he passed it to Mr Hewes and the stewards came and Hewes dropped it and Hewes said it wasn't his.


He picked it up because he felt it was safest way of getting smoke out of his and others faces.


He says he felt ecstasy when Chelsea scored through Torres in the 60th minute. He was cheering then felt a "burning sensation" and saw a cylinder on floor with smoke coming out of it.

Daily Echo: webc.jpg


They arrive at Yates and had three to four pints and lunch.

Mr Allen said he underwent a full body search on entering the stadium before the game and nothing "untoward" was found.


Allen says he is season ticket holder and has gone to matches since age 10.

He arrived in Southampton on a train with Mr Hewes and two brothers.


The trial restarts, with Kieran Allen in the dock giving evidence.


The trial has been adjourned for lunch.


It is claimed the second CCTV clip shows someone, allegedly Mr Allen, pass the flare along to his right.


The defence solicitor says that white lights seen on the video a a few rows back from the flare are fire crackers being set off by someone else.


The court is then shown another angle of CCTV shown with the flare being lit.


CCTV is shown to the court of the  Chelsea fans celebrating in the away end of the stadium and a blue flare being lit and steward moving in.

The CCTV shows a man, who the prosecution says is Hewes holding the flare and another man they claim is Allen close to him. Two stewards move in.


The court hears a statement from a steward, which is read out, saying they recall seeing a man holding a flare and passing it to another male.

The steward says he approached the first man who claimed it had been thrown.


At 4.20pm police arrive. A policeman says he arrived after stewards having trouble getting supporters to be removed.

Mr Hewes arrested. Hewes was polite but appeared intoxicated and speech slurred.


Prosecutors claim a blue flare was lit after Chelsea scored a goal, prompting celebrations from the travelling fans.


Kieran Allen, 24, of Barmouth Road, London, London, and Russell Huwes, 26, of Stroud Road, London have both reiterated their not guilty pleas.


The trial finally got underway at 12.25pm and both defendents spoke to confirm their names.


The trial has been moved to Court 2. Prosecutor is now Owen Holloway.

It is expected to be heard in around 30 minutes.


The match was a Premier League fixture and Chelsea ran out 3-0 winners, with second half goals from Fernando Torres, Oscar and Willian.


Both pleaded not guilty at a previous hearing at Southampton Crown Court.

David Orman is prosecuting, while Coles Henry is defending.


The trial is in Court 6.

Kieran Allen, 24, of Barmouth Road, London, London, and Russell Huwes, 26, of Stroud Road, London, are charged with possessing a firework in a designated sports ground during Saints v Chelsea on New Year's Day.


Daily Echo reporter Maxwell Kusi-Obodum has arrived at Southampton Magistrates Court for trial of two Chelsea fans accused of having a flare at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton.

Daily Echo: Southampton Magistrates CourtSouthampton Magistrates Court

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