A MAN murdered his friend in a sustained knife attack after he “lost the plot” during a heated argument, a jury has been told.

Andi Edwards stabbed 22-year-old Alex Woods six times and slashed at his neck and face in a “fit of rage”, according to prosecutor Richard Pratt QC.

But Edwards says he was acting in self defence.

Opening the prosecution’s case at Winchester Crown Court yesterday, Mr Pratt told the jury about the attack, which took place in Scott Road, Eastleigh, on the evening of July 6.

He told the court how the pair had been spotted on CCTV in Eastleigh High Street on the morning of the attack, when Edwards was twice seen buying cider from a convenience store.

Neighbours also reported seeing the pair talking amicably on Scott Road, where Edwards, 37, would stay from time-to-time.

But 12 hours later, Mr Woods was discovered by police slumped against a wall, covered in blood and fatally wounded outside a neighbouring property.

Police were called at 11.15pm after injured Mr Woods knocked on neighbour Sarah Heath’s door, begging for help.

But when Mrs Heath opened her front door she saw the silhouette of Mr Woods holding a kitchen knife, which the prosecution say was likely to have been the one used in the attack.

She immediately closed her door in fear and shouted at her husband to call the police.

Officers arrived and attempted to treat wounded Mr Woods, who went into cardiac arrest and died while paramedics attempted to save him.

Meanwhile police followed a “trail of blood” from the victim back to the house where Edwards sometimes stayed.

There they found blood splattered across windows, kitchen appliances and the floor.

Officers were also forced to shoot an “aggressive” German Shepherd, Benson, who was in the house at the time and agitated after the attack.

The court heard how the dog belonged to the property’s occupant, Daniel Curant, who was away in Doncaster at the time.

Edwards was later discovered by police in another Scott Road home, belonging to girlfriend, Angela Smith.

Police arrested the pair, although Miss Smith was later released without charge.

Mr Pratt also told the jury how he had changed his story while being questioned.

He at first claiming the fight was prompted after dog Benson had bitten Mr Woods.

Edwards told officers that Mr Woods had picked up the knife and threatened to kill both him and Benson, before the pair entered into a tussle in which Mr Woods stabbed himself.

But according to Mr Pratt, Edwards later said: “I’m gonna be a man. He never did stab himself in the chest. I done them all.”

Mr Pratt said: “The post mortem examination reveals a sustained stabbing attack with six penetrative wounds and many other slash wounds.

“Alex Woods tried to defend himself in the attack but could do nothing.

“Anybody who stabs to the body with those repeated thrusts in and out, albeit in temper and rage, must, at the very least, have intended that serious harm, if not death, would follow."

Edwards denies murder.

The trial continues