A BRAVE mum has told how she tried to tackle a burglar who stole her son’s wedding savings.

Jayne Hull was woken up by her pet dog Flash and was led downstairs, where she spotted the intruder in her garden.

The plucky 48-year-old, who suffers from a bad back, ran outside shouting at the thief and grabbed him as he clambered over the fence.

But he kicked at her, crushing her fingers before he fled the couple’s Southampton home.

The burglar’s haul included £600 in cash, which the couple’s 23-year-old son Richard had been saving for months and kept at his parents’ home for a surprise treat for his bride-to-be Katie Lewis on their big day.

Richard, a support worker for vulnerable adults, wanted to treat his bride to a horse and carriage ride when they marry at New Place in Southampton in April.

Last night Jayne, who fought back tears, said: “My son gave me that money to look after and keep safe. He had been saving for months and every now and then would say ‘here we go mum, a bit more’.

“He just wanted a special treat which would mean they could spend a little bit of time alone on their day and now that has been cruelly taken away from them. I feel sick.”

Jayne and husband Martin, a mechanical engineer, were awoken by Flash, who whimpered and nudged the couple’s heads with her nose at their home in Rowan Close, Maybush, just after 2am yesterday.

Jayne let Flash outside and when the husky and Japanese Akita cross became aggressive, she followed.

The mum-of-two said: “I went out and saw the man stood really tight against the fence keeping really still. I legged it to the back of the garden and as he climbed over I went to tackle him, screaming and shouting out ‘how dare you!’.

“I was going mad reaching at his feet but he was kicking me. I was really scared but I felt so angry. It hadn’t even clicked in what had happened, and I didn’t know what he had taken but I was determined to get him.

“We aren’t a fit couple, just middle aged, but we work so hard for everything we have and I was prepared to fight for it. I think I must have broken my finger in the struggle.”

She added: “If Flash hadn’t woken us up I dread to think what might have happened. As far as I am concerned she is the hero of the day.”

Thieves had got in through the back patio door and had searched the downstairs, stealing the cash, a camera and Jayne’s purse.

Richard, who is recovering from back surgery, said: “We got engaged last February and I said I was putting money aside for the stag do but it was really for a horse and carriage ride. It is a once in a lifetime day and I wanted it to be special.

“I will try to work a bit harder but now I think I am going to struggle to afford it. It is sickening it has been stolen and I hope whoever responsible is named and shamed.”

Police are investigating.

Anyone with information can call them on 101.