AN alleged murder victim cowered in a wardrobe after a brutal attack before his death, a court has heard.

Winchester Crown Court heard how Jamie Dack visited a flat four days before his burnt remains were discovered in a Southampton bin.

He went to the flat in Bevois Mews, on the evening of Thursday April 5, when he went there from Patrick House hostel in Millbrook where he had been living.

Jurors were told how a plan had been "hatched", with Donna Chalk, 21, "raising the temperature" by saying she had been touched up by Jamie - a claim which was a complete lie.

According to Christopher Parker QC, it was enough to rile her boyfriend Andrew Dwyer-Skeats, 26, and Lee Nicholls, 28, into giving Jamie another beating.

Weeks earlier, on March 21, Jamie had ended up in hospital after being beaten unconscious in Aldi's car park at the hands of Nicholls, the court heard.

The plan began with Chalk accompanying Jamie to a cashpoint in Lodge Road to try and see his pin when he withdrew money around 7.30pm.

But when he became suspicious they all returned to the flat before Chalk and another girl left in a taxi for the Asda store in the city centre.

While in the shop, where they bought carpet cleaner, Jamie was being beaten up back at the flat.

When they returned once again to the flat, Jamie was cowering inside a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Mr Parker said:" he was sitting on a cabinet, knees up to his chest, black eyes, swollen nose, bleeding from his mouth, blood all over his clothes, head and hands. There were bloodstains all over the bedroom."

Nicholls, Dwyer-Skeats and Woodmansey have pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice by removing, disposing of and setting Jamie's body in fire. Chalk denies the same charge.

All four defendants deny murder.