NEWLY nominated labour candidate John O'Farrell aired he had a lot to learn about Eastleigh if he was to win the seat.

Speaking at his unveiling as the party's candidate to contest the by election comedy writer John O'Farrell said he should not be judged on the fact he wasn't local.

Talking to students at a visit to Barton Perveril college Mr O'Farrell said:" there are things I have got to learn about, for example the Ford factory.

When pressed he said he knew it was closing with the loss of a "few hundred jobs".

But he said his background in championing better schools and national issues of tax, housing and jobs would be the key campaign areas in the battle for Eastleigh.

"Those key principals don't change, locations do."

Despite the circumstances in which Chris Huhne left the seat, Mr O Farrelll who was elected by Labour Party members last night said being an MP was an honourable job "I know it is not a fashionable thing to say but I think it is an honourable job."

He also told students that his generation owed them an apology as their prospects were not as as previous ones.

Mr O'Farrell also accused the UKIP candidate Diane James of being racist following her comments surrounding the link between immigration and crime.

Mr OFarrell was visiting the college with Harriet Harman who hosted a question and answers session with the students.

During the discussion she described the former comedy writer as some one who would "shake things up a bit" in Westminster.