ALL she wanted was to get back what she had lost, to boost her confidence and feel comfortable in her own body.

But Alison Chapman has been left with what she calls “mutilated breasts” after her boob exploded in the shower following cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

After three years of pain and depression the 45-year-old from Hedge End has finally won a five-figure sum in compensation allowing her to have reconstructive surgery to repair some of the damage.

However, the whole ordeal has left her feeling humiliated and the mum-of-one now wants to warn other women of the potential dangers of having surgery abroad.

Alison said: “My advice would be don’t do it. I have been left with what I consider mutant breasts and although the reconstructive surgery I have had has made them feel more like my own, it will be a long time until I feel totally comfortable with them.

“I hope my story acts as a warning to anyone else considering having cosmetic surgery abroad.

“If I could turn back the clock I would not have had the operation there and would have spent more time looking into the potential risks that come with surgery at a foreign clinic.”

After a few months of research Alison travelled to Tunisia for breast implants in March 2009 after suffering from low self esteem over the size and shape of her breasts.

But two months later she was forced to return after her right breast began to droop – bringing the total paid for both operations to £8,000.

However, despite promises of the “perfect breasts” Alison was mortified to wake up from the second operation to find large scars that grew inches thick.

A few days later Alison returned to the UK but when she went for a shower to ease the pain her left breast burst open, exposing her inside tissue.

Alison said: “I didn’t know what to do, there was just a ping and then all this blood was pouring from the wound. I was petrified.”

After returning to the UK following the second operation Alison won a claim taken against the credit card company which she used to pay for the surgery in Tunisia.

That money has paid for two reconstructive surgeries in theUK – and a holiday back to Tunisia.

Alison added: “It has taken three years of reconstructive surgery to repair the wound and reduce the scarring and I now feel more self-conscious than ever before.”