I FEAR for my husband’s life.

Those are the words of a Hampshire woman whose flat is so badly plagued by disgusting mould that she believes it is making her husband’s chronic lung disease life-threatening.

Lorna Wells lives with her husband Anthony who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease in a two-bedroom ground floor flat in Old School Close, Holbury.

After the 38-year-old mum-of-one, who is a full-time carer for Anthony, moved into the flat in 2011, she started noticing a ‘musty’ stench and mould started to grow in every corner.

She says the mould and damp has made her 49-year-old husband worse, and he now has to use a nebuliser every day to breathe properly and is also being treated at the Lymington Respiratory Centre, while her 16-year-old son Aaron has also suffered asthma attacks.

She said: “Living here has been the worst time of our lives, it is just horrible.

“It makes us feel really down and depressed all the time.

“What scares me is if my husband takes a turn for the worse, as it is making me scared to death about what could happen to him here.

“He is always coughing and spluttering and he has been to hospital with pneumonia.

“Living here could shorten his life, and the way things are now this flat is just killing him slowly.”

Medical experts from Lymington Respiratory Centre and Blackfield Health Centre have backed Lorna’s plea to housing bosses to get her husband and family moved out of the flat and have written supporting their case.

Despite Lorna’s best efforts to remove the mould with bleach it keeps coming back, and she has issued a plea to Western Challenge, who own the flat, to rehome them.

However Lorna said that instead of rehoming the family, Western Challenge have blamed them for the mould, despite the housing association treating the flat for the problem in 2012.

A spokesperson for Western Challenge said that they are aware of the mould issues and that they are working with the tenants to identify the cause of the problem.

The statement said: “We are not looking at re-housing the tenant at present, but will be looking to resolve the issues and we will be in touch with the tenant again next week to further discuss the damp issues.”