KEN Thornber and Michael Cooper have been derided for suggesting the fencing of New Forest roads. 

The idea is not new and has its merits. 

The high risk roads - the B3056, B3054 and B3078 - could easily be fenced, not with a continuous fence, but perhaps 1,500-yard stretches and then a gap, controlled by speed humps and cattle grids, to allow animals to the other side and the rest of the Forest (a lot cheaper than the underpasses). 

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It is not only speed that kills the animals along these notorious roads, but the inability of some drivers to anticipate the possible, unexpected movement of animals grazing the verge. 

The ‘A’ roads that traverse the Forest are already fenced and, with a bit of thought and imagination, the ‘B’ roads could be made a lot safer for animals and motorists without altering the character or use of the New Forest. 

Mr J Hocking

Plaitford Common