A WARNING has been issued following a fake 'paedophile alert' email scam.

Residents in the south of England reported receiving emails on behalf of "Neighbourhood Alert" from info.cFZgeSC4Ch@lepmieseorthy.blowquest.com and eFiwODKtj2Te@lepmieseorthy.blowquest.com.

A Hampshire Alert statement says: "Please do not click on any links as you will go through to a fraudulent email.

"This message came through to a neighbourhood watch coordinator in the Berkshire area, stating it was from Neighborhood Alert (note the spelling).

"The information from the heading states 'Pedophile Alert in Your Area'."

Computer users are being told not to open the message.

Anyone who receives the email is advised to report it to Action Fraud by visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk.