AN 82-YEAR-OLD man died after sustaining head injuries in a fall, a inquest has heard.

Colin Croucher fell while out walking near the Totton and Eling Tennis Club.

An ambulance crew arrived and found him sat on a chair in conversation. He had no recollection how he had ended up on the ground.

Mr Crucher, of Coriander Drive, Totton, told the ambulance crew that he had a pain on one side of his jaw and there was a slight bleed from his ear. He complained of headache and was immediately sent to Southampton General Hospital.

A CT scan showed that Mr Croucher had suffered a haematoma and bruising of the brain. He underwent an operation but failed to wake up from the surgery and died on March 13.

Consultant neuropathologist Mr Mark Walker said that Mr Croucher died due to a traumatic head injury sustained during the fall.

He found that Mr Croucher had suffered a severe haematoma caused by a traumatic head injury which was the cause of death.

The cause of the fall was not known however Mr Croucher had a history of fainting and dizziness.

Coroner Grahame Short said that Mr Croucher’s death was due to an accident.