ABANDONED on a Hampshire lane, these cute little puppies have had a ruff start in life.

But after a warm bath and plenty of cuddles, the fluffy quintet and their four adult companions are fighting fit and will soon be looking for the paw-fect new home.

The dogs were dumped without any bedding, food or water in two large cages in Lime Kiln Lane, Holbury. It was only thanks to two teenagers who spotted the dogs and quickly got them to the RSPCA centre at Ashley Heath, that they all survived.

The five puppies – named Bob, Bill, Barney, Mel and Kim by staff at the centre – are believed to be around six weeks old and have just been weaned from their mum, a white crossbreed named Mummy Pat.

They were found in a large cat carrier next to a metal dog crate that had three adult dogs inside, two inseparable bichon frise cross bitches, who have been named Beatrice and Eugenie, and a Westie cross bitch named Granny Pat.

Sheila Vernon, manager at the centre, said: “They were left in a place where they would be spotted so I think whoever did dump them, wanted them to be found quickly.”

RSPCA inspector Charlie Eyden said: “It is sad that someone would choose to abandon animals in this way and we are very keen to trace whoever is responsible.”

  • Do you recognise these dogs? Can you help the RSPCA track down their owners? Call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Inspector Eyden.