A MAN died after barbecuing food in the back of his van at a Hampshire campsite.

Nicholas Holmes' body was discovered by police when his friends reported him missing after they failed to get in contact with him. He had been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The barbecue was found in the back of the 22-year-old window cleaner's van with evidence he had cooked burgers on it, a Southampton inquest heard.

Southampton deputy coroner Gordon Denson this morning issued a plea to the public to be aware of the dangers of disposible barbecues.

Mr Holmes, who enjoyed fishing and playing chess, texted his friends to say he was going on a last minute camping trip on his own on May 29.

But when they failed to hear from him they alerted police, who found his body inside his white Peugeout Partner van at Hollands Wood campsite in Brockenhurst on June 1.

A small tent was nearby with mr holmes' sleeping bag.

DS Andy Hedley of southampton said his body was found in a relaxed position on the front seat.

He said a silver type temporary barbecue was put on some folded t towels in the back of the van to prevent burning of his van and there were packets of baps and burgers nearby with food missing and cooking utensils.

DS Hedley said he was satisfied there was no third party involvement.

A post mortem carried out by norman carr found he had died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Deputy coroner Gordon Denson recorded a verdict of accidental death.

He said: "On the evidence before me i am satisfied that nicholas holmes death was an unforeseen and tragic accident in that he was unaware of the dangers of a lit barbecue in a confined space.

He added he is aware all disposible barbecues do have warning notices on them but he said it appeared these were overlooked.

He added: "I feel that I can only make a plea that members of the public take careful notice of printed warnings so these events are not repeated."

Speaking after the inquest Mr Holmes' mother and father paid tribute to their son and echoed the coroner's plea for people to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mum Elisabeth, said: "He was the best son in the world together with my other son."

Dad Philip, 52, said: "He was a sensitive bright intelligent young man who we are going to miss very much.

"He died from a tragic accident it just seems the public are not aware of the dangers of these disposible barbecues.

"As we learnt they spew out carbon monoxide 12 hours after they have been used and there have been numerous cases of people losing their lives as a result."