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    freefinker wrote:
    southy wrote:
    freefinker wrote:
    southy wrote:
    Torchie1 wrote:
    southy wrote:
    loosehead wrote:
    Condor Man wrote:
    Only a few weeks after the election this administration is shaping up to being a complete shambles. The fun will start when the unions don't get what they want, better start clearing out the rubbish now.
    Condor man looking good for two conservative MP's in Southampton & a Tory council doesn't it?
    No it do not, Labour will do what the Tory would do and that is to sit it out.
    The fun will start when there will be a revolt agianst the Labour Party and Labour voters switching to the TUSC and theres an even lower turn out in voters.
    The big push will always come the next time and telling the useful idiots that there will be 'jam tomorrow' is the only way you can keep the ball rolling. Unfortunately the votes cast for the three main parties are numbered in the millions and they are cast by people who understand and accept reality however unpleasant it is. Your beloved Tusc is a fringe party at best and is grouped with the BNP, Ukip, Monster Raving Loony Party etc which will always attract votes cast for fun or by the disaffected. The total number of these votes will never cause a change of the system however much you want it to but do carry on backing the donkey in the Gold Cup just to amuse the rest of the population.
    We are not that finge of a party as you think parts of the TUSC have won Council seats but under there name and not under TUSC.

    Just look what as happened in Greece the True Socialist party have gone less than 3% of the vote to having a say in Government in the last 2 Elections there and are expected to win the next election and why the normally 2 main partys will not vote for a general election in a no-confidence bill in the Government.
    Rome was not built in a day, so you keep saying what your more than likely will end up eating your own words, all it will take is show the people what difference there really is in the Tory's, Labour, BNP, Lib/dems, UKIP and that is very little. its only the TUSC that will offer a ral difference.
    .. 'parts of the TUSC have won Council seats but under there name and not under TUSC'
    Oh yea?
    Chapter and verse please.
    Tell us more.
    Who, where, when?
    I gave you some on the after the local election, but you stayed dead quiet about it.
    Community Action Party won I believe 8 seats in the UK, the SP lost 1 seat but gain 2 in the process, Independant Labour won seats also there is just 3 groups that are part of the TUSC there are more.
    Oh no you didn’t. Provide the URL or withdraw that initial comment.
    Community Action Party won no seats in 2011 or 2012 in their previous stronghold of Wigan. In fact, several years ago the party suffered a split, defections, and a loss of councillors. I have read their manifesto and it is not Trotskyist. They make no mention of TUSC or your wacky policies, so even if they had won any local elections, which they didn’t, you can’t claim them for TUSC.
    The Socialist Party (England and Wales) also drew a blank in 2012. Under the banner of Socialist Alternative in Coventry they now have no representation on the council as Dave Nellist lost his seat.
    You talk utter rubbish southy when it comes to local election results.
    Again, give us details of councils, wards, party labels and individuals. Doubt if you will as any false info you continue to put out will be thoroughly checked by me and the truth posted on this website.
    CAP won 8 seats. Dave lost I know but 2 others won,the SA are not just in one council they are in a few council, just that Dave is on the steering committee and was the major fighting seat, and Labour threw every thing they had at Dave even at the cost of losing seats to the torys, its you who taking rubbish just do not do your reseach right.
    And I did tell you about seats that was gain another one was in Glos."
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Labour councillors told not to comment on leadership rift

Labour councillors gagged after Echo reveals Cabinet split

Council leader Richard Williams

Former efficiency tsar councillor Keith Morrell

First published in Southampton Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author Exclusive by , Politics and business reporter

Labour councillors in Southampton were yesterday gagged by regional party bosses as pressure mounted on their leader to go in a row over the resignation of a senior colleague.

Cabinet members were instructed not to speak to the Daily Echo after a rift opened up between council leader Richard Williams and former Cabinet member Keith Morrell over the real reasons for his shock resignation two weeks into the job.

The gag followed yesterday’s Daily Echo report that former efficiency tsar Cllr Morrell, who the authority said had quit over ill health, was in fact fighting fit and he had actually resigned in a Cabinet split over future budget cuts.

However, the council leader told the paper he was sticking to his statement that Cllr Morrell told him he was leaving solely due to ill health.

Lifetime party man Cllr Morrell last night told the Echo he was “amazed” that Cllr Williams had denied he had tendered his resignation from the Cabinet because he could not politically defend large scale cuts and savings that will have to be made at the council due to a Government funding squeeze.

Cllr Morrell said he had agreed to say he had quit on “health grounds” but said he had to reveal the truth after colleagues, family and friends became worried.

“I was amazed when I saw him [Cllr Williams] repeat the story,” Cllr Morrell said. “As far as I’m concerned the record is straight.”

He added he had not been consulted on the resignation statement that was released.

Soon after the Echo hit the streets yesterday Labour’s regional party director Malcolm Power issued an order for councillors not to speak to the Echo about the “Morrell story”.

The Echo understands councillors were also threatened with having the whip – membership of the city’s Labour group – withdrawn if they talked.

When the Daily Echo attempted to contact Labour Cabinet members they failed to return calls with the exception of finance boss councillor Simon Letts.

Cllr Letts said: “I was as shocked as everybody to see the piece [in the Echo] but until I’ve spoken to the individuals I cannot comment. It’s possible that both of them are telling the truth.”

Cllr Williams last night said he had nothing to add to what he stated previously. He said: “As far as I’m aware no one has got anything to say because there is nothing else to add.”

Opposition Conservative leader Cllr Royston Smith said: “If Cllr Morrell is telling the truth, then Cllr Williams misled the communications department and allowed them to put out a message which is untrue which brings the council into disrepute and demonstrates he’s not fit for his office and should do the decent thing.

“Cllr Williams has been in the job two weeks and now the council is being run by the regional Labour party. It’s a disgrace.”

Cllr Morrell, who was made Cabinet member for efficiency and improvement, said he decided to resign after examining the dire state of the council’s finances and he could not defend a “dismantling of local government” to make savings.

The council faces an estimated £46m budget deficit over the next two years despite record cuts in the past two years.

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