A MAN who provided the getaway car for a gang who smashed their way into a supermarket and stole cigarettes worth almost £9,000 has been jailed.

Carl Noke was offered £200 to supply his car to the trio of thieves who then drove to the Asda supermarket and smashed its windows with a slab of concrete to get inside.

The cigarette kiosk was then emptied and the gang fled in Noke’s car with a haul worth £8,975, Southampton Crown Court heard.

Noke, who was out of prison and on licence when the raid took place, pleaded guilty to burglary on the basis that he aided and abetted the break-in but wasn’t actually present.

The court was told how he had gone to a Texaco petrol station on May 1 and filled the vehicle with £10 of fuel, then drove to Chalk Hill, near West End, where he handed over the car and went home.

The burglary happened shortly after at the store in West End.

The court heard how the following day police had recognised Noke, who they watched getting into his car and then driving off despite officers asking him to stop.

He then clipped the police car as he drove away before he was apprehended.

The court heard how Noke, who was disqualified from driving at the time, was arrested.

During his second interview, the 23-year-old, from Epping Gardens, Southampton, admitted receiving a call asking him to get involved in a burglary.

Judge Peter Henry was told how Noke had a history of offending, having committed 37 different crimes, including shoplifting, racial ly aggravated violence, threatening and abusive behaviour, aggravated vehicle taking, theft from vehicles, robbery, battery and burglary.

In mitigation, the court was told that Noke had been making progress since his release from prison and he had tried to amend his ways.

Noke pleaded guilty to burglary, driving while disqualified and causing criminal damage and was jailed for two years