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    Amazing some of the stupid comments on here, surely if a cycle helmet gave you the chance between life or death you would wear one. All of you passing negative judgement put yourself in the position of a loved one if it was you that was seriously injured if not fatally. What would you wish for then???? It would be this Dr trying to save your life because you were stupid enough to cycle without a helmet. The Dr wouldn't be the bad guy then would he.
    If I, as an old f&rt can run faster than another old f&rt on a bike then some common sense and personal judgement should be allowed into the equation. A blanket law forcing all cyclists to wear helmets would be wrong, however if my grandchildren were to be riding on roads I would expect them to wear helmets. It's called common sense.
    I totally agree with you, but it's not necessarily how fast you are riding the bike is it? It only takes a vehicle to hit you. It is common sense at the end of the day, which alot of people lack, all the references in the world and statistics being spouted don't give people common sense!
    No helmet manufacturer claims they have any benefit in a collision with a vehicle.
    I don't get this, a Consultant, a specialist in his field who has the utmost respect from colleagues alike is being criticised for making a comment that is common sense, that most people on here are disagreeing with. He sees patients sometimes cyclists that have major brain trauma on a daily basis, that he is trying to save their life, if there was a chance that a helmet could prevent this or at least reduce the brain damage that the trauma had caused maybe it is actually worth it. If peoria don't like it then don't cycle. How many would let their own children/grandchildr

    en cycle without a helmet?
    I let my children cycle without helmets. The alternative is they may not cycle at all and lose out on all the other health benefits.
    Plus of course wearing helmets can put you at greater risk of the incident in the first place.
    Perhaps you should arrange a trip to neuro intensive care to see the outcome of riding without a helmet, and then you may be more responsible, as you are making decisions for children that perhaps aren't old enough to make their own.
    Riding without a helmet gives you brain damage? Really? Weird. I never wore one, and suffered no brain damage at all.
    Any proof of that?
    Its common sense. He's tried it out and OBVIOUSLY hasnt suffered any brain damage.
    From the content of his and most anti helmet posters I would argue that most of you are suffering from some sort of brain damage especcially if you foist your dangerous opinion on your vulnerable offspring.
    From your failure to comprehend what 'brain damage' means we can conclude that the knee-jerk stock responses that pass for your opinions are a disgrace to the very concept of 'opinion'.
    Believe me I have personally have experience of children with brain damage and despite you protestations I am sure no right person would want their child to suffer that!
    Just so we're clear: You're telling me you have experience of children with real, actual, medically-diagnosed brain damage, and to prove how compassionate you are, you're using the term 'brain damaged' as an insult against people who simply do not share your opinions. Right. Got it.

    What's next? Calling me a spastic?

    Brain damage is an actual thing. Don't make light of it by using it as an insult."
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Brain injury expert calls for compulsory cycle helmets

First published in Southampton Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author by , Senior Reporter

Southampton ’s top brain injury expert has called for cycle helmets to be made compulsory.

Dr Andy Eynon, director of major trauma at Southampton General Hospital, said it would not only save lives but would save taxpayers about £25,000 each time a cyclist was seriously injured.

As revealed by the Daily Echo , more cyclists were hurt on Hampshire’s roads last year than anywhere outside London – 816 in 2011, an 18 per cent rise on the year before.

The figure emerged after Olympic time trial gold medallist Bradley Wiggins sparked a safety debate after a cyclist was killed by an official Games bus.

The Tour De France winner initially suggested helmets should be compulsory but later clarified his position to say cyclists should be better legally protected after an accident.

However Dr Eynon said cycle helmets offered vital protection to the brain.

He said: “You would not consider carrying your laptop outside without putting it inside a case.

“It costs society about £25,000 for an individual to be transferred to Southampton, operated on, treated in our intensive care unit and then cared for on our wards – and that is before taking into account rehabilitation costs and loss of income.

“A decent cycle helmet will cost less than £40.

“If every cyclist wore a helmet, the number killed or seriously injured each year would be greatly reduced.

“Actions such as not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, not wearing a seatbelt, driving while using a mobile phone and even smoking in public are now seen as being socially irresponsible.

“It is time that not wearing a helmet while cycling is seen in the same light. Cycle helmets save lives and must be made compulsory.”

Dr Eynon, who advised on and advocated the introduction a compulsory cycle helmet law for under 18s in Jersey in 2010, treats people from across the region who have serious head and spinal injuries following cycle accidents.

He said: “I see firsthand the effects such injuries have on patients and their families.

“The vast majority of the patients here are not speeding motorcyclists – they are normal individuals who were doing normal day-to-day activities when they were injured, so it makes sense that we protect ourselves as best we can from the risk of sustaining a life-changing brain injury.”

However Southampton Cycling Campaign believes forcing people to wear helmets is not the solution.

Spokesman Dilys Gartside said: “It would make it more dangerous on the road. It would instantly reduce the amount of people cycling.

“The more cyclists visible on the road makes it much more safer for us.”

The group and national campaigners are also calling for the law to presume in favour of cyclists involved in collisions with motorists.

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