HEAVY rain and a high tide has caused flooding on one of Southampton's busiest roads.

Standing water of up to two feet deep is causing delays for motorists attempting to leave the city on Mountbatten Way and Millbrook Road West.

Long queues are forming along the busy road, which is the main route out of Southampton to the west, leading to the M271 and New Forest, with traffic at a virtual standstill.

It is believed much of the floodwater has come up from sewers overwhelmed by torrential downpours during the afternoon, leaving a foul smell in the area.

A Southampton City Council spokesman said the flood was caused by a surge of seawater due to a high spring tide.

Daily Echo reporter Michael Carr said both sides of the carriageway are flooded, but the water is deeper on the westbound side.

He said: “It looks like a lake, and it stinks. It smells like seawater. The drains are bubbling up and it's pretty horrible.

“The traffic is down to walking pace, but one car looks like it's stranded - it's not moving at all.”

Two cars have broken down and are stranded in the water, with the water coming over the wheel arches.

A manhole cover has been pushed up by the water from below and cyclists have been battling through the water which was over their knees.

Jake Pearce, 26, was cycling through and said: "I should have brought my surfboard. I cycle along this road every day and have never seen anything like this."

Pauline Da Costa, 64, said she has been stuck for 45 minutes. She said: "I am amazed the emergency services have not done anything yet. It's about a foot deep."

Elsewhere, St. Cross Road in Winchester is also flooded after the heavy rain and the River Itchen has burst its banks at Riverside Park in Bitterne Park.