It is far from your average Bee and Bee.

Check in is flexible, the rates are free but on the down side the facilities are limited to... a hole.

Nevertheless it is hoped these Bee Hotels will be the answer to the county’s declining bee population.

Having got the idea from scouring the Internet, park ranger for Horton Heath Parish Council Colin Burchett decided to make his own and put them up around the outdoor areas he manages.

Colin said: “I saw some in garden centres which can be sold for up to £40 and I thought, I could make one of those. So I did.”

“The idea is to give solitary bees somewhere to stay that replicates their natural habitat. Hopefully it will boost their numbers and help pollinate the plants and vegetables around the park and allotments that we help manage.”

The ‘hotels’ can be made from either drilling holes in a block of wood that are big enough for bees to burrow in and out or by wrapping up lengths of bamboo in some plastic and hanging it on a south facing wall or fence.

A recent Friends of the Earth survey suggest that the bee population in the UK is in severe decline, with fewer of them to pollinate crops and plants, the organisation is warning that there will be less food and failures of whole eco-systems.