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    Linesman wrote:
    southy wrote:
    Linesman wrote:
    southy wrote:
    TEBOURBA wrote:
    The Labour Party was all but destroyed by the Trotsky infiltrators in the 1980's making it unelectable and allowing Thatcher to destroy the coal mining industry and privatise gas, water,rail and electricity enabling the big financial institutions to control our essential industries.
    I think it is creditable that these Trotskys have given up infiltrating Labour and have formed their own TUSC party and I wish them the success they deserve.
    I seem to recall the Screamimg Lord Sutch's, Monster Raving Looney Party (MRLP) enjoyed a higher turnout than TUSC!
    The only way to oust egotist, News of the World supporter, Cameron, the evil Osborne and cowardly Clegg, from running and ruining this Country is to vote Labour.
    The much maligned Gordon Brown saved us from a financial melt down that would have made the Wall Street crash look like a picnic.
    His predecessors implemented the greatest social revolution, for the benefit of the working class, this Country has ever known.
    If you are against this unholy Con/Lib coalition then the only way to end it is by voting LABOUR, not to waste your vote on Green, TUSC, MRLP or whatever other fanciful organisations put themselves up for election.
    We have shown in Southampton it can be done, now let's do it at the General Election!!
    No Tebourba it was because the Right wing inside Labour became to strong and would not listen to people it mattered the right wing in Labour wanted it there way and no other way, It was those on the left that listen to the ordinary people on the streets then pass on to the main body of Labour what people was thinking and saying and what they wanted.
    An now that there is no Left in Labour, Labour like the Torys have no attachment to the ordinary people and are just as far remove from the streets as the Torys.
    It as all ways been the Left wing Element that had a connection to people on the streets, because they was the ones doing the stalls every where, talking to people in the work place, in cafes and bars.
    And yes we do need a general election now and we do need Labour back in power, just to prove to people when they start the cuts they are no different from the Tory party. all for them selfs and no one else.
    So you think that Derek Hatton and his crowd up in Liverpool were Right Wing?

    Come in out of the rain Southy.
    Hatten was center ground but he knew what was right and what was wrong as did the rest of Liverpool council, even lo they got removed from office they done what was right for the people of Liverpool they force the Government to spend another £63 million in there city, which created jobs, council homes being built and recreations for the people.
    This is putting the local people first and there needs, and got what they wanted for there people, Liverpool Council back then beat the Thatcher Government even lo it cost them there jobs, they though about the people and not in them selfs.
    This is some thing Nu-Labour will not do they put them selfs before the People just like the Torys do.
    Which is why Derek 'Degsy' Hatton is now the multi-millionaire Chairman of Rippleffect and his son, Bob, is the Managing Director. A well run Socialist company?
    Socialism do not stop people making money for them selfs or even owning land or running a business, its how it is done and how it run.
    What Hatton plus others done for Liverpool was for it people to benefit and never for their selfs, he got what the city needed at a cost to his political career,
    You will never find that happening in a capitalist system its the other way round, they look after them selfs and close friends and sod what the people need."
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Labour leader Ed Miliband egged on visit to Southampton

Labour leader Ed Miliband after being egged

Labour leader Ed Miliband after being egged

First published in News Daily Echo: Photograph of the Author by , Education Reporter

HE came to celebrate a cracking election win which had left Labour’s Tory opponents in Southampton with egg on their faces.

And Ed Miliband was last night insisting the yolk was on the Conservatives, even after being egged after addressing triumphant supporters in Shirley High Street.

The Labour Party leader was in Southampton just hours after his party dramatically swept back into power in the city.

He told assembled supporters the result proved their party is back on track in southern England after years in the local government wilderness.

But as the senior politician was giving media interviews after his public address, he was approached by a man in a black hat who firmly planted his hand on his right shoulder with a telltale splat.

As the man quickly ran off down the road, a bemused Mr Miliband looked down to see bright yellow yolk dripping down his suit.

An aide swiftly intervened to take off the jacket and the Leader of the Opposition laughed it off before continuing his interview in shirt and tie.

Shortly afterwards, he ended his talk and immediately headed to a waiting car.

But the 42-year-old was keen to remain light-hearted about the incident, and last night posted on his Twitter site: “For those wondering about egg’s origins, fairly sure it wasn’t free range, but nothing can take away from cracking result in Southampton.”

Speaking before the egg attack, Mr Miliband had described Cllr Richard Williams as a “fantastic” leader of Southampton's Labour Party. He pledged to repay the voters’ trust by working on the issues that matter most to people: jobs, housing and public services.

Mr Miliband said: “The reason why we won in Southampton is because we have been running a campaign about people's priorities.

“A campaign which Richard has led around jobs, around housing, around public services and around the things that matter to people.

“Here in Southampton, it's a rejection of the economic failure of this Government and the unfairness of this Government.

“People are understanding Labour understands the struggles you are going through. Labour is back in the south of England. Labour will keep these promises.”

Cllr Williams said he was delighted his party leader had chosen the city to celebrate Labour’s local election gains.

He said: “He’s been remarkably positive throughout the campaign, and it’s not just been his physical presence here. What he wants to do with the party is connect with people, and that’s what we’re trying to do down here, and that’s how we will make a difference.”

Labour election win leaves city without a mayor - click here

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